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Smart Delivery Service recognizes the benefits of improving service levels as well as reducing costs. We achieve this by promoting dedicated teamwork, innovative transportation solutions, safety, communication and cutting edge technology to manage a complex network of driver agents, customer service representatives, and satisfied clients. We use the newest web based technology in our business applications. For Minnesota and Texas delivery services, we provide accurate and real time data as the backbone of our business. We have the ability to see where the trucks and shipments are at all times. The efficiency of our dispatching operations is integrated with Microsoft MapPoint 2010 Maps and interface with our web based technology.


Smart Delivery Service uses the latest in GPS technology with HTC Evo 4G phones running on Sprint’s wireless network. Our organization has high quality order taking, dispatching for our on call courier service as well as routing and scheduling system to grow and succeed in the courier industry. Intelligent routing and scheduling can significantly reduce the cost of generating schedules and improve the overall efficiency of your delivery needs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We always think of Smart ways to save costs so we can pass those savings on to our customers.

Detailed Information

Our system is designed to solve complex, point to point routing and scheduling information. Our system tools increase operating efficiencies and follow our customers' delivery schedule. We know optimal stop sequences and can keep accurate records of delivery activity and improve customer service and driver accountability.